Maida Electronic Components

Maida Development Company was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Hampton, Virginia. Maida products are component-recognized in the US and internationally by organizations such as UL, CSA, and VDE and are distributed worldwide.Maida
Component products manufactured by Maida cover a wide range of industries and uses. Maida's zinc oxide varistors are used in applications that require protection against high voltage transients induced on power lines by nearby lightning strikes or suppression of transients caused by switching inductive loads from industrial equipment, transformers, relays and coils. Common applications include ground fault interrupters, specialty high voltage power supplies, telecommunication equipment, computer and computer-related products, motor control systems, cable TV systems, and AC smoke detectors, plus many special applications.

Custom design and fabrication of components for specific customer requirements are also available from Maida.


Maida Varistors
Standard Series    Buy Now
Standard Series Datasheet
Low Profile Series
Low Profile Varistors Datasheet
High Energy Series
High Energy Varistors Datasheet
Thermally Protected Series
Thermally Protected Varistors Datasheet
HC Series
HC SeriesVaristors Datasheet
Surface Mount Series
SMT Varistors Datasheet
MLV Series
MLV Varistors Datasheet
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Thermally Protected High Energy Series

TPHE Series The Thermally Protected High Energy "TPHE" Series is designed for safe disconnection of the Varistor from the circuit due to abnormal operating conditions. TPHE Series Datasheet
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Maida Capacitors Maida offers a complete line of high voltage ceramic disc capacitors, complemented by a full selection of safety capacitors.
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Thermistors NTC's, or Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors, are typically used for in-rush current limiting and sensing applications. (As an NTC thermistor's temperature increases, its resistance decreases). NTC Datasheet
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Surge Protection Device - MPD Series

MPD Series SPD The MPD Series is a modular surge protective device (SPD), featuring an IP65 enclosure rating, and is used for transient overvoltage protection. The MPD Series utilizes thermal protection in conjunction with metal oxide varistors to provide a protection package for use in many applications such as commercial and residential indoor/outdoor LED lighting fixtures. The MPD Series can be connected in series or parallel, is RoHS compliant, and has a LED operational indicator.  MPD Series SPD
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EMI Filters

EMI Filters
Power Line Filtering Components
EMI Filters
EMI Filters
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GDT Series and Diodes

GDT and Diodes
Gas Discharge Tube Series
GDT Series Datasheet
High Voltage Diodes
High Voltage Diodes Datasheet
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