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UFE54PG, Solid ("closed") Sealing Insert for Conta Clip Pflitsch M25x1.5 UNI Split Gland®. Material: TPE-V, Color: Natural, Temperature Range: -40°C to +135°C, RoHS Compliant.

Shop Drilling:
  • Place cable gland with installed insert into vise
  • Drill holes at a maximum of 800rpm
  • Do not exceed a tolerance of 1.0mm (.039in.)
  • Minimum clearance between holes 1.0mm (.039in.)
(To slice sealing insert, place in vise and use razor knife to make slit.)
Manufacturer: Conta Clip by Pflitsch

RoHS Compliant:  
Part #: UFE54PG
This sealing insert is used with USG22554PC splittable cable gland housing (sold separately) and 25513.9/GGM splittable lock nut (also sold separately).



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