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103MWR630K; Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor; Axial lead; General Purpose Film; Self healing metallized polyester; small size; Capacitance: .01 uF; Dissipation Factor: 0.008 Max at 1000 Hz and 25°C; Temperature Coefficient: 400 PPM/°C: -200 PPM/°C, 200 PPM/°C; ESR: 141.471 Ohms at 1 kHz and 20°C; Self Inductance: 1 Nanohenries maximum per mm of body length and lead length; dvdt: 20 V/ðs; Terminal to Terminal Dielectric strength: 1.6 times the rated DC voltage when applied between the terminals for 2 seconds; Tolerance: -10%, + 10%; Temperature Range: -55°C + 125°C, above 85°C the rated (DC/AC) voltage must be derated at per 1.25%°C; WVDC: 630 Volts DC; SVDC: N/A Volts DC; VAC: 220 Volts AC; Reliability: 3 failures/billion component hours 3 FIT; Load Life: 2000 hours at 85°C with 125% of rated voltage; Capacitance Change: Less than or equal to 5% of initially measured value; D.F. Change: less than or equal to 200% of maximum specified value; I.R. Change: >50% of minimum specified value; Diameter: 6mm; Length: 14 mm, Lead Finish: Matte Tin; Lead diameter: .6mm, +/-0.05mm; Lead Length: 35mm, +/- MIN mm; RohS Compliant
Manufacturer: Illinois Capacitor

RoHS Compliant:  
Part #: 103MWR630K