Fully Splittable Cable Glands

The UNI Split Gland®
IP67 Cable Entry System for Preassembled Cables

Provides modular strain relief for passthrough of terminated cables! Replace old cable glands without interfering with the existing cable installation or shutting down the connected system!
UNI Splittable Cord Grip
The UNI Split Gland®, available in plastic or metal, is a fully split cable gland. The cable gland body, pressure screw and counter nut each consist of two halves, and the sealing inserts are slit at the side so that preassembled cables can be placed in them. Both solid and multiple-cable sealing inserts can be used. A set of expanding pliers are used to place the cables securely into the sealing insert.
When using the UNI Split Gland®, the entire hole diameter can be used to feed through plugs or sensors on preassembled cables, and old or defective cable glands can be replaced without having to disconnect cables or turn off machines (no down time).

  • Split cable gland body, pressure screw and counter nut
  • Used for cables with connectors attached
  • The polycarbonate UNI Split Gland® is available in sizes M20, M25 and M32
  • The zinc UNI Split Gland® HD is available in size M25
  • Over 100 different sealing inserts available
  • For cable cross sections of 2.0 mm to 20.5 mm
  • IP 67 protection rating
  • Strain relief to EN62444 Class A
  • Ambient temperatures of -20°C to +80°C
  • Datasheet:  
UNI Split Gland pieces
UNI 4 Split Glands
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TypePart No.Price Lock Nut
Part No.
Lock Nut
Sealing InsertsExpanding Pliers
Part No. - Price
UNI Cable Gland
Plastic M20
$6.14M20 Sealing InsertsWSZ 16 - $237.41
UNI Cable Gland
Plastic M25
$6.82M25 Sealing Inserts
UNI Cable Gland HD
Metal M25
USG22554ZN$87.43GGM225ZN$26.80M25 Sealing Inserts
UNI Cable Gland
Plastic M32
$8.20M32 Sealing Inserts