Altech UL508 Manual Motor Controllers

UL508 Listed Manual Motor Controller Circuit Breakers

V-EA Series Circuit Breakers

Altech ABL Sursum V-EA Series UL508

  • Suitable as Motor Disconnect
  • For applications requiring a manual motor controller
  • DIN Rail Mount, Miniature, 17.5mm width per pole
  • Thermal Magnetic
  • Current Limiting
  • 0.3 Amp to 60 Amp, 50/60Hz
  • 480Y/277V AC
  • B, C, D, E, G, Z Trip Curves, 1-3 poles
  • 10kA Short Circuit Withstand Capacity
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  • Datasheet:   Altech UL508 Circuit Breakers

Video:  Altech ABL Sursum Miniature
DIN Rail Circuit Breakers

Very Informative Video!
Trip Curves Explained

SeriesV-EA - Series
StandardUL 508
UL - File No.E137938
Rated Voltage277V AC480Y/277V AC42V DC80V DC24V DC60V DC
No. of Poles12,31212
Auxiliary SwitchXXXXXX
Shunt TripXXXXXX
Add-On NeutralXX
Under Voltage TripX*X*

  *UL Pending
Part No.PolesTrip
AmpsVoltageSingle Piece
1B2UM1 PoleB-Trip2 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B3UM1 PoleB-Trip3 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B4UM1 PoleB-Trip4 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B5UM1 PoleB-Trip5 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B6UM1 PoleB-Trip6 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B20UM1 PoleB-Trip20 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B25UM1 PoleB-Trip25 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B30UM1 PoleB-Trip30 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B32UM1 PoleB-Trip32 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1B40UM1 PoleB-Trip40 Amp480Y/277V AC$22.69Buy Now
1C3UM1 PoleC-Trip3 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1D5UM1 PoleD-Trip5 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1D15UM1 PoleD-Trip15 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1G5UM1 PoleG-Trip5 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1G6UM1 PoleG-Trip6 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
1G10UM1 PoleG-Trip10 Amp480Y/277V AC$19.99Buy Now
2D10UM2 PoleD-Trip10 Amp480Y/277V AC$39.99Buy Now
2D15UM2 PoleD-Trip15 Amp480Y/277V AC$39.99Buy Now
2D20UM2 PoleD-Trip20 Amp480Y/277V AC$39.99Buy Now
2D30UM2 PoleD-Trip30 Amp480Y/277V AC$39.99Buy Now
2D40UM2 PoleD-Trip40 Amp480Y/277V AC$45.38Buy Now
2G16UM2 PoleG-Trip16 Amp480Y/277V AC$39.99Buy Now
2G20UM2 PoleG-Trip20 Amp480Y/277V AC$39.99Buy Now
3D10UM3 PoleD-Trip10 Amp480Y/277V AC$59.98Buy Now
3D15UM3 PoleD-Trip15 Amp480Y/277V AC$59.98Buy Now
3D20UM3 PoleD-Trip20 Amp480Y/277V AC$59.98Buy Now
3D25UM3 PoleD-Trip25 Amp480Y/277V AC$59.98Buy Now
3D30UM3 PoleD-Trip30 Amp480Y/277V AC$59.98Buy Now
3D40UM3 PoleD-Trip40 Amp480Y/277V AC$68.28Buy Now
3D50UM3 PoleD-Trip50 Amp480Y/277V AC$75.71Buy Now
3D60UM3 PoleD-Trip60 Amp480Y/277V AC$77.60Buy Now

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