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  • What current options are available for backup power solutions?
  • What alternatives provide a more secure and reliable power source?
  • In which situations would one prefer to use an ultra-capacitor versus an all-in-one multi-power solution?
  • What are the industry benefits to using such systems?

See Alternative Solutions for Backup Power (pdf) for the answers!

AKKUTEC DC-UPS Buffer Unit (without batteries)

The battery buffered DC power supply works in stand-by parallel mode and, in connection with a lead-acid battery, ensures a safe continuous DC power supply during a determined time interval in case of main power failure. The total output current is shared between supply of the loads and charging of the buffer unit.

Cat. No.prim.sec.output
AKKUTEC 2402115 – 230242
AKKUTEC 2405115 – 230245
AKKUTEC 24122302412
AKKUTEC 24403x4002444

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C-TEC Ultra Capacitor Module

The DC-buffer module of the series C-TEC works with ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. These capacitors are charged by an external regulated DC-power supply in normal operation. In case of an interruption in the DC-power supply, the energy of the capacitors is released. The load is supplied by the buffer module until it is discharged. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the capacitors and on the discharge current.

Cat. No.prim.sec.outputimax*energy
C-TEC 2403-12424361000
C-TEC 2405-524/1224/12575000
C-TEC 2410-1024/1224/12101010000
C-TEC 2420-8242420208000
C-TEC 2440-4P242440404000
AC-TEC 2403-1115-230 VAC2431.5xIA1000
AC-TEC 2420-83 x 340-550 VAC24201.5xIA8000

Capacitor Extension Module

The CEM-Module is used to increase the back-up energy of the C-TEC series. The charging and discharging of the extension module is monitored and controlled by the C-TEC.

Cat. No.nominal voltagesec.outputimax*energy
CEM 12424331kJ, 1000Ws
CEM 22424332kJ, 2000Ws
CEM 8242420208kJ, 8000Ws
CEM 162424202016kJ, 16000Ws


Environmentally safe No toxic chemicals
Virtually maintenance free Lasts up to 15 years
Operating temperature range -40°C to +65°C Higher energy vs. electrolytic capacitors
Higher power vs. batteries Resists shock and vibration

Traditional lead-acid batteries rely on aging technology and toxic chemicals for energy storage. While adequate for many applications, they have limitations for emerging applications that require safe, dependable, quick back up power, over long periods of time. Ultra capacitors in DC-UPS applications ensure that critical information and functions are available when supply voltage dips, sags, drops out or surges, or during a battery changeover. Working in conjunction with a complementary power supply, ultra capacitor modules reliably supply energy in peak power demand conditions and short power outages. They reduce stress on the primary power supply and extend its usable life.


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