Bernstein Products


BERNSTEIN electromechanical switches offer a huge price/performance value and feature an impressive range of products suitable for many operating voltages. The range extends from limit switches enclosed in insulating material or metal, through foot switches, to safety switching devices. The AS-i compatible products save time and material in installation and provide cost advantages in operation. The comprehensive range of designs, sizes and switching functions makes BERNSTEIN an ideal choice for a large variety of switching applications.

Switch Systems

Safety & standard position switches Industrial Foot Switches
Type 2 switches with or without interlock Foot switches for medical technology
Safety hinge switches AS-i Safety at Work
Safety rope pull switches Safety components



BERNSTEIN’s line of sensors offer extremely fast and precise operation without interference and mechanical wear. Suitable in a large variety of applications, their reliability and the compact dimensions offer a clear advantage in design and function. In addition to ultra sonic sensors and level switches, customers can choose from a wide range of inductive, capacitive, magnetic or optical sensors.

Sensor Systems



BERNSTEIN, a leader in the field of industrial foot switches, incorporates 50 plus years of experience into the development and production of its products. A wide range of models reflects the company’s specialization in foot switch solutions for many different applications.

Foot Switches



With a long history of manufacturing enclosures, BERNSTEIN combines superior enclosure technology and state of the art manufacturing to provide an extensive range of aluminum and polyester control enclosures. BERNSTEIN enclosures conform to many of the standards used in medical technology and the food processing industries. ATEX rated products, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, are also available.


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